Friday, February 09, 2007

Sentinel Memorial Proposed

Franklin native John Hammond, a.k.a. "the Sentinel" a two fisted hero who fought in World War II and later fought crime in the United States will receive a stature in Freedom Circle outside the city hall.
Historians are re-examining the "mythic abilities" of Hammond. Given the presence of supers in today's world, the question of his actual abilities has resurfaced. During the war, legends of the Sentinel's great strength, stamina, and resilience were numerous, but believed to be either propaganda meant to instill fear in the superstitious German soldiers, and confidence in the US GIs, or simple exaggerations.During and after the war. First Comics published a series based loosely on his exploits called "The Sensational Sentinel." In the comic books Hammond was bullet proof, able to lift a tank, and run as fast a jeep (not unlike James Allen, Marduk of the Immortals). New evidence suggests that the Sentinel might have been a true, and perhaps the world's first Super Hero.
Hammond died in mysterious circumstance in 1967 during the Great Gas Fire (caused by numerous gas leaks along the cities aging gas distribution system.) Long time friend of Hammond Dr. Rupert Forrestor refused to take part in the study and denies any knowledge of special powers. "It was all stories, nothing more." Was all he said when confronted by reporters this may.
Still controversial is the representation of Hammond in the "Sentinel" costume made famous in the war-time comic book, written and drawn by Lee Stanley. Stanley was happy to contribute the original art for the sculptors to work from. "Hammond was the inspiration for the Sentinel comic book I wrote. Maybe he really did have all those powers, maybe he didn't. But, Hammond was a hero, and will serve as an inspiration to us all."
Historian Becky Burnett reported finding recently declassified British documents claiming contact with (American) agents of extreme abilities, strength, speed, and uncanny powers. Perhaps, these documents refer to the Sentinel.

Allied Materials Accepts Challenge

Allied Materials a military sub-contractor, known for producing the armor for tanks and ship hulls has produced a "Power Proof Vault" for the S-Test. Scientific Solutions said it is in negotiations with several "supers" to test the vault. Allied Materials Chairman Devon Belcher ceremonially placed his $150K Cartier wrist watch in the Vault before sealing it, as well as the pink slip to a $250K Custom Bertolli Sports Coupe in the vault, claiming whoever could open the vault could have either.
"I've got a copy of the pink slip just in case someone is able to destroy the whole thing, that isn't in the rules" Belcher commented. The S-Prize rules require the vault to be opened and contents safely removed.

Prostitute Kills Ten, Disappears

A woman arrested for solicitation Sunday night apparently killed four women and six men, including two police guards at the 9th Police District Jail. "She looked like a high price call girl, dressed to the nines, but there she was flagging traffic on Park Street." Said the arresting officer. The woman made no attempt to escape, instead she went easily. She was incarcerated pending official charges, and at some point during the night she killed her fellow inmates, and two guards, then fled the scene. The Police will not say how the people died, or how she escaped. They will only say that she should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. They are asking for help from Federal forces, and the Immortals.

Super Patriot to visit Franklin

Official US sanctioned hero, Super Patriot, will visit Franklin City, in two weeks to go over the city's special laws dealing with supers, and introduce new federal standards which parallel many of the city's ordinances.
It is unknown whether local heroes, the Immortals will meet with Super Patriot. They have been away from the city according to a spokesman from the Teach Academy (withwhom they are associated).

Energy Committee to Hold Hearings on Seismic Convertor

Representative John Dingle (D - MI) said that the House Committee on Energy and Commerce would hold a hearing on Sandia Labs Seismic Converter project in Nevada to determine what if any role it played in last weeks 6.5 Las Vegas earthquake.
Dr. Victor Marsden said in a statement, that there was no connection, but the recent seismic activity in the area was all the more reason to accelerate plans for the first tests, both to take advantage of the unusual opportunity, and to help reduce the potential harm of any aftershocks. He will ask Congress for additional funding to speed up construction.

Rats Pillage South American Freighter

The freighter "Mariposa" sailing from Chile and Argentina carrying beef, fruits, and other agricultural products passed the agricultural inspection by the US Coast Guard at Beaufort and docked in the Southpoint Pier 16 last Friday uneventfully. But when longshoreman appeared Saturday morning to unload its cargo, they found the ship virtually empty. The found traces of thousands of rats (scratch marks, droppings, and a few dead specimens) throughout the ship and nearby dock. "We lose a little cargo every trip to rats, ants and other pests, but never has something like this happened." Reported Captain Hernando Yglesias. The port authority has not ruled out human intervention with an attempt to blame rats for the devastation, or even dumping of the cargo by the ship, though no evidence of a massive spill has been found.
This fuels rumors of a Rat King controlling the population of rodents for singular purposes.

Inmate Death at Blackstone Isle

Beauregard Rubino, a former volunteer fire fighter, and "bleeder" from the event was reported dead by prison officials. The causes were unknown, but the prison officials claimed that Rubino had been in a coma for several weeks before the incident, and that he received medical treatment write up until he was declared dead.
The Rubino family has asked for the body, but Homeland Security is reviewing whether any security problems might arise from this.

Las Vegas Hit by 6.4 Earthquake

A major Earthquake was centered northwest of Las Vegas registering 6.4 on the Richter Scale. Damage was extensive but limited in the greater Las Vegas area. Estimates report fewer than 12 dead across the city. City officials praised the efforts of the LVFD and city planners for their strict building codes ensuring safety for the citizens of Las Vegas and the thousands of visitors in the city on any day. Still, reports of damages in excess of $5 Billion were reported due to physical damage and loss of business. LVPD reported that evacuation of many of the city's casinos was difficult.
"Many people tried to continue playing the slots or insisting that card games finish before exiting the building. This extended the shutdown longer than we wanted."

A spokesman for the Seismic Convertor program said the system was not online at the time so could not convert the energy from the quake, or be its cause.

Super Food Created in Franklin Lab

Cargyle Agricultural Industries has created a special type of self replicating cell using the stemcells from Event affected pigs. This "miracle meat" looks like SPAM or other processes meats, but under proper circumstances when exposed to the correct nutrients (air, water, and sugars) the cells duplicate at a remarkable speed. The stemcells natural ability to absorb instructions have allowed scientists to imbue this substance with a virtual programmable set of nutritional qualities. High protein, low fat, plentiful in anti-oxidants, and vitamins are some of the qualities this food stuff can provide. With proper programing the material can be produced in small quantities in the US, and transported to other areas, where, like the yeasts in sour dough bread, start new strains. This could spell the end of hunger, once fully understood. The product is still in the preliminary testing stages, and will be subject to serious government oversight. In addition, it is unclear whether people will feel comfortable eating this food, or animals fed the material.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Super Patriots Foil Terrorist Plot

The newly minted US super hero team, the Super Patriots stopped a band of Colombian Farc supported terrorists, los vengartos, who were threatened to blow up the Air and Space Museum. The Super Patriots managed to stop the terrorists, and do so without serious damage to the exhibits.
The crowd held captive by the terrorists, witnessed TANK utilize a weapon that disabled most of the terrorists without causing damage to a single precious object. Lady Liberty was witnessed catching the Gemini landing capsule when it fell due to weapons fire severing its support cables. Little else was gleaned about the mysterious teams powers.

Storm Troopers rob drug warehouse

Storm Troopers raided a DEA warehouse and stole several kilos of heroin and hundreds of thousands of dollars of marked cash. They also took a tricked out Expedition but this was crashed during a police chase.