Friday, February 09, 2007

Rats Pillage South American Freighter

The freighter "Mariposa" sailing from Chile and Argentina carrying beef, fruits, and other agricultural products passed the agricultural inspection by the US Coast Guard at Beaufort and docked in the Southpoint Pier 16 last Friday uneventfully. But when longshoreman appeared Saturday morning to unload its cargo, they found the ship virtually empty. The found traces of thousands of rats (scratch marks, droppings, and a few dead specimens) throughout the ship and nearby dock. "We lose a little cargo every trip to rats, ants and other pests, but never has something like this happened." Reported Captain Hernando Yglesias. The port authority has not ruled out human intervention with an attempt to blame rats for the devastation, or even dumping of the cargo by the ship, though no evidence of a massive spill has been found.
This fuels rumors of a Rat King controlling the population of rodents for singular purposes.


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