Friday, February 09, 2007

Super Food Created in Franklin Lab

Cargyle Agricultural Industries has created a special type of self replicating cell using the stemcells from Event affected pigs. This "miracle meat" looks like SPAM or other processes meats, but under proper circumstances when exposed to the correct nutrients (air, water, and sugars) the cells duplicate at a remarkable speed. The stemcells natural ability to absorb instructions have allowed scientists to imbue this substance with a virtual programmable set of nutritional qualities. High protein, low fat, plentiful in anti-oxidants, and vitamins are some of the qualities this food stuff can provide. With proper programing the material can be produced in small quantities in the US, and transported to other areas, where, like the yeasts in sour dough bread, start new strains. This could spell the end of hunger, once fully understood. The product is still in the preliminary testing stages, and will be subject to serious government oversight. In addition, it is unclear whether people will feel comfortable eating this food, or animals fed the material.


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