Saturday, November 25, 2006

Mysterious Sounds and Lights at Abandoned Ironworks

The old ironworks outside of New Bern NC, have been abandoned for over two decades. But for over a month people have been seeing lights at night as though work was going on. Thinking perhaps that they were finally dismantling the site no one reported it until this week. Police investigated and found signs that someone had broken in and stolen some of the scrap metal. Since the site wasn't well documented, it is unclear if anything of value was stolen. There was not sign of a break in at the gates, but clear evidence of activity inside the foundry.

Hackers Scare the Banks

In a coordinated assault on the city's banking industry, five major banks saw sudden electronic transfers of millions of dollars go from a variety of large accounts, mostly commercial accounts, into the personal savings of Mayor Campbell. Before the banks could pursue the error, the accounts repaired themselves. IT executives and teams from the Treasury Department are going over the logs from the various communications systems to see how this happened. It is unknown whether this was the work of a single master hacker, or a group of many, and it is unclear whether it was white hat hacking (intended for fun and to demonstrate weaknesses in computer security) or black hat hacking (intended for personal gain) as a test run for a real crime.

Experimental Jet Crashes in California

A skunkworks X-plane crashed in the deserts of California yesterday according to visitors to the region. The plane was described as looking a little like speed boat, a simple wedge, with no real lifting surfaces or the like. Estimates of its speed would be sub-sonic around 400mph. The plane was destroyed beyond any recognition, but the Airforce began an extensive search. Rumors that the plane utilized anti-gravity has surfaced on the internet.

Police Apprehend Super-Thug

Police and the Special Perpetrator's Unit have been relying on superheroes, such as the Immortals to handle most supervillain threats. However, a representative of the FPD:SPU indicated that a team had successfully captured a supervillain, who they've dubbed Tusk, a large elephant-like man, trying to rob the First Franklin Bank on 23rd Ave. Although Tusk's hide was able to turn bullets, he was eventually brought down. They subdued the giant with a variety of special tuned tasers. The specifics of which are not available. Tusk is scheduled to be transferred from a special holding cell in downtown Frankin, to Blackstone Isle as soon as it opens.

Homeland Security Officer Killed by Super

Sources in Homeland Security said that the superhuman Torrent, of the Immortals, killed a Homeland Security Officer as he led a team to apprehend the super. The department was not ready to disclose the further details, other than to say she was a wanted suspect. The battle is believed to have taken place just east of Franklin City in the marshy southern part of the bay. Neighbors reported severe tidal action, and spotted a couple black helicopters flying in the area.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Shades of the Terminator

Alberto "the gecko" Decorsi, a mafia lieutenant checked himself into protective custody at a Franklin City Police Station. FBI agents and Treasury agents interviewed the man and he claimed to be willing to reveal anything they wanted so long as they could protect him from her. He was kept in a secure cell deep in the station and guarded by members of all three agencies.
By morning the gecko was dead: seventeen police, and federal agents were disabled and unconscious.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Santorum to head Superhuman Registration Movement

Departing senator Rick Santorum has announced that he is founding an organization to promote legislation requiring supers to be registered and to classify super powers as weapons of mass destruction.
Project Equilibrium - is the name of the organization, and it appears to have deep pockets.
Some have suggested that Santorum is positioning himself for a future presidential run by pulling focus away from the war in Iraq. Santorum waved off such suggestions, saying this new mission was of primary importance, and that he was dedicated to this new mission.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Jovian Field Tests Powered Exoskeleton

Jovian products has developed a powered exoskeleton to give the security forces, police and their first clients the Blackstone Island Super Security Prison the power to meet super powered threats on their own terms. The suits enhance the user's strength, provide life support, and resistance to damage. A variety of weapons and security packages are available for the PEs and can be customized to suit each client's needs.
Jovian will be conducting a field test using a number of supers at the Naval Test Range East of Franklin City. Various press firms, and representatives of law enforcement agencies will be on hand to see the suits in use.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Iraqi Super Crosses Lines Brings Temporary Peace

Snipers from both sides - the insurgents and the US army - encountered a strange Super last week according to forces from both sides. The two sets of marksmen were shooting across a plaza in south central Baghdad when a single figure garbed in Dervish robes walked across the center of the plaza. Witnesses claim numerous shots were fired at the robed figure, but none hit him.
Then the plaza and surrounding area was bathed in a strange soft light in the middle of the night. The gunfire stopped.
Spokespersons for the US military would not comment, but bloggers in the troops wrote that several of the snipers have refused to return to their posts and given up their commissions. Word from the insurgents report experiencing the Divine Light of Allah which filled them with peace and love. They could not touch a gun again.

Millionaire Slaves

Robert Price, of the Price Publishing fortune was discovered in his home dressed as a butler and cleaning his house relentlessly by police yesterday, after failig to show up at his work for two monthes. Police psychologists say that some kind of trauma has caused a form of amnesia in Price, and he is being treated at the Providence Asylum. Price is the second millionaire to be found doing something unusual with no memory of how this happened. Stock trader John Kyle was found going door to door in his neighborhood asking if he could mow people's lawns three monthes ago. Kyle was successfully treated at Providence Asylum and is on a leave of absence from work to recover. Police detectives believe the two millionaires were victim of some Super Villain who invades their home, and controls or coerces them into service for a short period, then moves on. They have some leads but could not discuss them at this time.
The wealthy of Franklin City have begun taking steps to prevent this sort of thing, and police recommend that they keep in regular contact with friends and family and urge the latter to contact the police if any unusual activity is going on.