Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Iraqi Super Crosses Lines Brings Temporary Peace

Snipers from both sides - the insurgents and the US army - encountered a strange Super last week according to forces from both sides. The two sets of marksmen were shooting across a plaza in south central Baghdad when a single figure garbed in Dervish robes walked across the center of the plaza. Witnesses claim numerous shots were fired at the robed figure, but none hit him.
Then the plaza and surrounding area was bathed in a strange soft light in the middle of the night. The gunfire stopped.
Spokespersons for the US military would not comment, but bloggers in the troops wrote that several of the snipers have refused to return to their posts and given up their commissions. Word from the insurgents report experiencing the Divine Light of Allah which filled them with peace and love. They could not touch a gun again.


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