Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Senator and Celebs speak on Supers

Beleaguered Senator Rick santorum and actor Bruce Willis spoke about the need for federal laws in response to the appearance of Super Villains. They urged the government to classify all criminals using super powers as unlawful combatants, or terrorists.
These super villains are like smart bombs. Their powers are weapons of mass destruction, and their will to use them should classify them as terrorists or rogue states. They have taken themselves out of the normal realm of human law and order. We mustn't let this inhuman threat go unchallenged. - Santorum
Willis, who has long been a supporter of armor and heavy weapons for the police, was present at the Planet Hollywood warned that super villains took their queues from the fictional fantasy stories of Hollywood and the comic books. He stressed that we can't count on Super Heroes to save us like they do in the comic books and movies.
The real heroes we can count on, are the policemen and women, and the military. We need to give them the tools to deal with these threats like any others. - Willis
Santorum sent out a preliminary copy of a Senate Bill to classify anyone who used super powers in a crime as a terrorist.


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