Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Federal Super Prison Planned at Blackstone Island

The Blackstone Naval Weapons Depot, in active for three years will re-open as a Super Prison for Super Villains in four to six months, the Federal Government annouces. The Justice Department, noting the growth of Paranormal and Event related crime has agreed to convert the Depot into a super high security prison. Some people complain about the proximity of Blackstone Island to Franklin City makes it a danger to the metropolis, when some Super Villain inevitably escapes, or when super villains are transported from other parts of the country to Blackstone.
Government sources indicate that its proximity to Franklin City was one of the selling points:
"Blackstone was designed to contain high-explosive, nucelar, biological and chemical weapons. This means it has thick armored walls, internal security systems, self-contained power and life support. It is inaccessible by roads, only accessible by air, ship and rail bridge, and was designed as a potential terrorist or military target. The facility has hard points for anti-aircraft weapons, and built in radar and sonar systems. With relatively minor modifications the facility will be ready to hold prisoners in the sort of comfort enjoyed by other prisoners of our federal prison system, while maintaining the security we needs. As to posing a threat to the local population, the vast majority of super crime has occured in the vicinity of Franklin City, and is likely to continue, so proximity to the city means shorter safer transports. Also, being close to Franklin City means Super Heroes such as the recognized Super Hero Team the Immortals can be called in, in the event the facility proves inadequate. "
The government made reference to bills moving through both houses of congress in advance of the election to grant special powers to law enforcement in order to deal with the menace of Super Villains. Primary of which will be the in-prison trial of captured super villains. The Navy, who currently runs the depot will cede control to the Justice Department this week. The Justice Department has not yet worked out the role of human rights groups and defense attorneys at Blackstone.


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