Saturday, September 23, 2006

Anti-Gravity Device Tested Successfully

Jovian Products made another remarkable display of EVA based technology. They demonstrated what appeared to be an anti-gravity device. The device, which looked a little like a waffle iron turned inside out, but the size of a small car, hummed and vibrated a little before levitating to a height of about 6 feet or roughly as high as the ceiling and power cords would let it.
It was able to hover for over a minute before the engineers let it slowly descend.
There was an interesting side effect. A bit of dust and a loose bolt also levitated in the air near the device. A few minutes into the demonstration the bolt drifted away from the device and fell to the floor suddenly.
There were numerous questions as to why this device was not introduced at the presentation last week, but a spokesperson indicated that Jovian had several development teams working independently, and this device had not yet been tested.
The plans for a self powered, self righting version of the device have already been in the works. Jovian products plans to have low level AGDs available for its corporate and military clients pending FAA approval.


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