Sunday, August 27, 2006

Electricuted bodies wash up on Carolina shore - UPI

The bodies of seven unidentified men, all Korean, washed up on shore off Manteo sometime last week and were discovered by duck hunters Saturday morning. The bodies all possessed electrical burn wounds as though caught in a spot welder, or struck by lightning through their chests. Autopsy results have yet to come in, but preliminary reports indicate time of death as sometime Thursday or Wednesday. Beaufort country coroner reports they were all in garbed in light industrial wear, the kind worn by seafarers on cargo or tanker ships. However, no vessels of Korean or Asian origin have reported men over board.
The wounds are unusual, and were it a natural lightning strike, the odds of seven men being hit in roughly the same place, in one strike are astronomical, but not impossible.
When asked, investigators said they had not ruled out Super involvement.


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