Sunday, August 27, 2006

Autistic Dr. Dolittle - Dean Fastow

Emma Lange, a 15 year old autistic girl who has not spoken a single word has begun speaking to the animals. On a visit to the Claremont Farms, a work farm designed for children to visit and learn about farming, she began smaking noises to the sheep and horses. The child care workers were please and arranged for more visits to farm hoping to bring her out of her shell. Animal therapy is not unusual for austistic people. What is unusual is that the animals appeared to respond to her in unusual ways. They appeared to dance about, move in formation, and jump and run seemingly at her command. The farmers reported scenes right out of the movie Babe.
Although, there is no official test for Event related super powers, this seems to qualify.
Lange's parents gave her up for adoption early in her life, and she has been a ward of the state ever since. On word of her new found powers, numerous requests to adopt her have been made. Officials for child services say that they are applying unusual scrutiny to these petitions for fear she might be exploited.


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