Friday, August 25, 2006

First Commercial Uses of EVA - Dean Fastow

EVA or Event Alloy, the strange metal discovered at Impact Site One, has been mystifying scientists for monthes. Its strange magnetic, and other properties have caused metalurgists and chemists to scratch their collective heads.
Leave it to the engineers at Cromwell Industries and US Minerals to discover some marketable uses of the material. Working together the venture has proposed to unveil six products using the material in a joint presentation at the Academy of Science and Technology (Freedom University) August 29th. Rumors in the high tech community are that they will introduce: a new high speed, low heat super conductor (which may revolutionize the semi-conductor industry), a low weight ballistic fibre (similar to kevlar) for use in bullet proof armor, malleable/shapeable metal, useful for airplane surfaces, and other uses, High Energy Batteries, and other exotic ideas. The venture has yet to release any official details.


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