Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Supers Surface in Franklin - Dean Fastow

The being calling himself "The Herald" who attacked the Teller Nuclear Power Plant last week, truly was a herald. His appearance was marked by the appearance of two other paranormal beings, or Supers, one who stood before a hail of automatic weapon fire and leapt over a fifteen foot high hurricane fence, and another who moved so quickly cameras could not get a clear shot of him. Since then a number of other reports have surfaced in the Freedom City of unusual activity, of super beings.
Most of these cannot be confirmed, but the with hundreds of witnesses of the events at the Teller Plant, they cannot be denied either.
• Children aboard a school bus Monday claimed that they saw a Man transform into a bear at a rest stop on Highway 264 and flee into the woods.
• The flight crew aboard Northwest Air flight 343 claim to have seen a scarlet caped and hooded woman flying just outside the cockpit window.
• A cab driver in the Lantern Heights district reported a man garbed in a black cloak leaping onto his hood from over 50 feet from across the street and damaging his cab.
• Mysterious lights appeared in the Fens Tuesday night. Local report the lights coincided with the fires which damaged an abandoned warehouse.
• A man wearing what appeared to be archaic armor wielding a sword and shield tried to rob the First Federal Bank on 4th street. He was unable to cut through the vault door but did serious damage to the interior of the bank, before escaping out the bank. When police arrived at the scene hewas no where to be found.
• A man matching the description of Rocko Manchecco, a mafia goon, believed to have died in an Event related bus crash, was seen entering Luigi's restaurant on Livingston Ave. He was seen leaving with a suitcase. Police found the signs of brawl and three dead bodies of purported mafiasos in the restaurant.

Police note that eye witness testimony is frequently mistaken, and that media reports of so called supers might be leading to form of mass hysteria. This reporter remains skeptical. However, the publishers of the Herald have offered a prize to whoever can show documented proof of any person's super powers.


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