Thursday, August 24, 2006

Roomba Rumpus - Dean Fastow

Another entry on the lighter side of superdom, three separate reports of Roomba(TM) brand robotic vacuums loose in the streets of Franklin City. Whether this was the prank of some hacker teens, or something Event related has not been determined. The vacuum cleaners were on the street, and no operators were present. The robots were moving in purposeful ways (not the random bumping movement owners are familiar with), suggesting remote control, but Roomba manufacturers indicate the range of the remote controls to be somewhat limited (less than 20 feet) and easily blocked by obstructions.
One of the Roomba's was discovered and no modifcations were found to it. Police would not report the contents of the dust receptacle. In this reporter's opinion, there are somethings we don't want to know, what you'd get vacuuming the streets of Franklin is one of them.


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