Thursday, August 24, 2006

Super Villain Nabbed by Super Heroes! - Dean Fastow

In a surprising turn around, police report that a group of "supers" captured another "super" in China Town after a brawl which left three buildings and at least one motor vehicle seriously damaged. The police claim to have evidence linking the suspect "Charlie Wang" to an attempted robbery there, and the ATM robbery of the previous day. One of the "supers" who assited in the apprehension of Wang, was a water wielding woman who might be the suspect from the ATM crime. Witnesses identified two other "supers" one incredibly fast, moving almost instantaneously from place to place, the other very strong and resistant to damage. The descriptions match those of the two "supers" who were spotted at the conflict at the Teller Nuclear Power Plant three months ago. Witnesses heard the names "Marduk" and "Jack Flash" used for the two known "supers." It appears that, like the comic book super-heroes they resemble, these people have taken codenames to perform their heroics. The representative of the police denied that those people were suspects of any crime, but they were wanted as witnesses and are dubbed "persons of interest."
Wang was removed from the scene in one of the Police Department's new Special Perpetrator Vehicle, designed to hold and transport super powered suspects.


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