Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Jovian Products - AP

Dr. Jan Hallister of the the new joint venture of US Minerals and Cromwell Industries - Jovian Products - introduced six revolutionary inventions which have arrived from the use of Event Alloy (EVA) these include - flexible LCD screen (thin and flexible as paper), a mini-rail gun (capable of moving 100 grams at 1000 mps) with 110 volt power source, ballistic cloth (stronger and lighter than Kevlar) as flexible as wool or cotton, but instantly strengthens when a high kinetic energy impact occurs, vacuum-inductor engine (low speed ram jet), quantum-effect memory chip (4ghz computer chips), wire-batteries (No description given).
Hallister indicated that the first public test would be done later this year, the first commercially availible products to be rolled out early next year. Both US Mineral and Cromwell are major contractors with the US Government and military, so it is likely that some of their products may be sold exclusively to them.


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