Monday, August 28, 2006

Super soaker interrupts gangwar - Dean Fastow

The watery Super who appeared last week in China Town to capture the Bull Demon along with known Superheroes Jack Flash and Marduk, appeared again, this time solo, to quell violence between rival gangs in China Town. Members of the "Nui Mo Wang" (Demons) gang, were facing off with the "Iron Tigers" another local Chinese gang, in what police called a "territorial dispute," on the 3400 block of 12th avenue. Shortly after they began to fight, the area was deluged by a flood of water. Wave after wave knocked the gang members down and sent them fleeing the neighborhood. By the time police and emergency crews arrived, the streets were clear of gang members, and the water had disappeared into the storm system.
Local citizens praised the woman, who they call "Torrent" for standing up to the gang member and cleansing the streets with her powers. Police have yet to offer an official declaration, but Lieutenant Seth Sanders warned citizens against vigilante action, both for their own protection, and to preserve law and order.


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