Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fort Knox Repels Super Villain Team

A group of five Super Villains operating with careful teamwork attacked the US Gold Bullion Reserves at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The villains, three men and two women, appeared on deep in the grounds and set off the security alarms. They were unable to penetrate the main vaults before the building went into lock down. After several minutes of concentrated fire on the villains by theUS Army, the team withdrew. Several soldiers and guards were injured but none were killed.
The team members demonstrated the following powers:
  • A man covered in metal shards, bullet proof, and able to fling these sharp shards at a distance.
  • A large woman, seven feet tall, approximately 350lbs, exhibited near invulnerability, and incredible strength. She smashed an armored personnel carrier with her bare hands, and slapping them together caused soldiers a hundred feet away to be knocked down from the shock wave.
  • A man capable of holding a high charge of electricity on his body and sicharging it at range. Soldiers reporting him disappearing in one place and appearing in another.
  • A woman able to generate and controls winds, created and moving about in a small but powerful tornado.
  • A man with no obvious physical powers. Soldiers indicate he had the ability to read and control their minds, and create hallucinations in people at range.
These five people have been put on the FBI's most wanted list. The President praised the US Army for protecting the important resource from these Super Villains. There was no evidence that the Army was assisted by Super Heroes, but that has not been ruled out.


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