Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Millionaire Slaves

Robert Price, of the Price Publishing fortune was discovered in his home dressed as a butler and cleaning his house relentlessly by police yesterday, after failig to show up at his work for two monthes. Police psychologists say that some kind of trauma has caused a form of amnesia in Price, and he is being treated at the Providence Asylum. Price is the second millionaire to be found doing something unusual with no memory of how this happened. Stock trader John Kyle was found going door to door in his neighborhood asking if he could mow people's lawns three monthes ago. Kyle was successfully treated at Providence Asylum and is on a leave of absence from work to recover. Police detectives believe the two millionaires were victim of some Super Villain who invades their home, and controls or coerces them into service for a short period, then moves on. They have some leads but could not discuss them at this time.
The wealthy of Franklin City have begun taking steps to prevent this sort of thing, and police recommend that they keep in regular contact with friends and family and urge the latter to contact the police if any unusual activity is going on.


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