Monday, June 04, 2007

Accident at Gundersonn NanoTech

Gundersonn NanoTech is a high tech robotic firm focusing on nanobots in the chemical industry suffered a severe blow to its R&D when two explosions rocked the main labs in Franklin's High Tech Center. The first explosion in a liquid hydrogen tank is believed to set off the second explosion in the labs primary assembly plant. Gundersonn CIO Hal Munsen said the blasts would stall some serious research, but the plant would be rebuilt, and the research continued.

Neo-Nazis find new inspiration.

Sources inside Franklin City's small, but thriving, neo-Nazi community indicate that a new leader has arisen from outside. It is believed that this new leader may be super powered as he allegedly demonstrated feats of great strength.

Super Mandrill's return to Blackstone delayed pending refit.

The Super Mandrill who had been in federal custody at an undisclosed location was to be returned to Blackstone Prison this week. However given security concerns after the recent escape, he is being kept at an undisclosed location.
Federal Authorities have yet to recognize any rights for the Super Mandrill, but a federal court judge has ordered that he not be euthanized until a panel of judges and others formally evaluate his sentience. Many groups, while admitting his criminal past, have argued that the Super Mandrill cannot be treated simply as another animal, to be disposed of as we will.
The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case.

Highspeed Chase Breaks Limits and Records

An unusual high speed chase ensued last week when an Armored Car was seen speeding on highway 64. Police tried to pull over the vehicle and it increased its speeds. It quickly outpaced the police cruiser, and was able to plow through a barricade of cars on the road. Likewise, caltrops and other tire suppression devices were ineffective. A police radar unit clocked it over 200mph before it began to leave them in the dust. A police helicopter responding to the scene, was able to follow the van until it arrived at the Brink's depot in Greenville and somehow sounding a general alarm. This caused other armored cars to flee the garage and in a few seconds the speeder was lost in a crowd of dozens of similar vehicles.

High Rise Cat Burglar Robs and Offends Wealthy

Many of Franklin City's elite live in high rise condos in the center of town, some costing as much as $5 Million for a 4000sq foot space. Last month a string of cat burglaries were reported. Given the glass and steel nature of most of these high rise apartment buildings it is unclear how the Cat Burglar was able to access the buildings. So far most robberies have been for individual pieces of art or jewelry, leaving other pricey furs and electronics behind.
Some would be victims were offended to find notes complaining about the forgeries and fakes found at the scene. Police are analyzing these notes to determine more about this highly selective thief.

Medical Laboratory Robbed by a Gang of Super Villains

Trantor Med-Tech Laboratories in Washington NC was robbed by what witnessed described as a super powered gang of teenagers. A group of youths, called the 'WarPimps', believed to have been seen 'wilding' in Freedom Park last month, are believed the culprits. Witnesses describe them smashing cars with their bare hands, knocking down door, and leaping over 12 foot high fences. They stole a number of expensive machines and ransacked the place, presumably looking for drugs.

Tusk sighted in East Carolina

A creature believed to be the giant man-elephant was spotted in Sandhurst NC this week. What the villain was doing in rural Nevada is unknown. State Police responded to a call from two fisherman who were pulled into a local gas n bait shop, and saw the villain destroying the garage. The state police tracked the creature into the woods and lost him in the swamping forest. Investigators found what appeared to be a 1984 Camero flattened, presumably by the feisty pachyderm. Invesitgators are hoping this and other irrational behaviors are signs that Tusk will show himself and be able to be captured.

Mesa Air 737 Crashes into Hospital in Las Vegas - 63 Dead

A Mesa Air 737 flight to Denver was gaining altitude when pilots reported a problem with the automatic pilot. The auot-pilot engaged on its own. Attempts to disengage failed and the plane flew into nearby El Banos hospital destroying the three story building. 43 passengers and crew, and 20 patients and staff at the hospital were killed in the crash and blaze that followed. The plane missed the main building and most of the patients and staff of the hospital were able to escape. Miraculously one passenger from the plane, also survived and is being treated at Vegas General. The FAA is examining the black box but reports from the tower indicate the pilots wrestling with controls until the crash.

Honda introduces Olivaw

Honda's robotics division has introduced Olivaw, an updated anthropomorphic robot, or android. Olivaw represents the next step from the Asimo, according to Honda representatives. When inactive the Olivaw looks like an articulated mannequin or human sized doll. When active the Olivaw appears to move with unnerving fluidity. Using state of the art technology and special synthetics, the Olivaw looks very humanlike, but clearly non-human. Many onlookers at the unveiling reporting discomfort at the mannerisms of the robot which resembled the overdone movements of mimes. Olivaw was designed as a test platform for future android development.

The Patriots MIA

In another blow to super security the US sponsored super team, the Patriots, has been unheard from in several weeks. The DoJ reports that the team is on a mission and refused to comment on when they would return or the nature of the mission, other than to say it was routine and entirely withing the bounds set out for the team. The DoJ was no doubt trying to assuage foreign governments fearing that the team might be being used for covert military operations.
Some have speculated that the mission might be related to incidents at the Nevada test site where the Patriots and Immortals engaged in a scrimmage. Reports from that event claimed that Super Patriot disappeared from the games and did not return.

Jack Flash Killed in Action

One of the first super heroes to appear on the scene after the Event has died in action according to a statement from the Immortals yesterday. The Immortals were on the site of the prison escape and were instrumental in containing it as best they could. While battling the villains in the prison, Jack Flash, known for his super speed, fell in the battle. The Immortals refused to comment on the means of his death, or who did it.
However reports from insiders in the prison staff indicate that a body charred beyond recognition was stored in the prison's deep freeze unit after the fight. Since the BoP claimed no villains or prison staff were killed, one can only assume it was Jack Flash.

The Immortals announced that there would be a private funeral followed by a public memorial service to the fallen members of the Immortals: Jack Flash and the eccentric shape shifter C4.
C4 was reported missing from the ranks a month ago. The Immortals added that C4 also died in action having saved his teammates from a collapsed coal power plant in the north part of the state

Escape from Blackstone!

The Bureau of Prisons announced an escape from Blackstone Prison last night. The DOJ confirmed that they were on the lookout for four super powered escapees: Ba'al, The Burning Man, The Herald, and a minor "Deus X". The four escaped during a massive effort that shut down the prison for several hours. Prison officials announced that they, with the help of the Immortals recaptured several villains including half a dozen foreign nationals held there in agreement with the European Union, and several other prisoners as well. No prison guards were killed, but dozens were injured.
Satellite tracking was able to follow some of the escapees briefly, but they disappeared from the system shortly after leaving the island. Citizens are warned to avoid contact with these people and report any contact immediately to the authorities.
An insider at the prison speculated that the escape plan may have involved a plan where one or more villains allowed themselves to be captured and then took advantage of a series of weaknesses in the system. The biggest weakness was that the system was designed to hold individual supers and nullify each individual's powers, but working in concert the villains were able to gain control of key systems in the prison.
The Senate committee on super powers has begun an investigation and the BoP has said it will cooperate with the investigation. The attorney general said in a brief statement released by the DoJ that containing super powered individuals was unknown territory, and that it was impossible to plan for every eventuality with a group of beings who defy scientific limitations. However he praised the prison for containing the damage and mayhem as much as it did noting that no prison personnel, or other prisoners were killed in the escape.