Monday, June 04, 2007

Jack Flash Killed in Action

One of the first super heroes to appear on the scene after the Event has died in action according to a statement from the Immortals yesterday. The Immortals were on the site of the prison escape and were instrumental in containing it as best they could. While battling the villains in the prison, Jack Flash, known for his super speed, fell in the battle. The Immortals refused to comment on the means of his death, or who did it.
However reports from insiders in the prison staff indicate that a body charred beyond recognition was stored in the prison's deep freeze unit after the fight. Since the BoP claimed no villains or prison staff were killed, one can only assume it was Jack Flash.

The Immortals announced that there would be a private funeral followed by a public memorial service to the fallen members of the Immortals: Jack Flash and the eccentric shape shifter C4.
C4 was reported missing from the ranks a month ago. The Immortals added that C4 also died in action having saved his teammates from a collapsed coal power plant in the north part of the state


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