Monday, June 04, 2007

Escape from Blackstone!

The Bureau of Prisons announced an escape from Blackstone Prison last night. The DOJ confirmed that they were on the lookout for four super powered escapees: Ba'al, The Burning Man, The Herald, and a minor "Deus X". The four escaped during a massive effort that shut down the prison for several hours. Prison officials announced that they, with the help of the Immortals recaptured several villains including half a dozen foreign nationals held there in agreement with the European Union, and several other prisoners as well. No prison guards were killed, but dozens were injured.
Satellite tracking was able to follow some of the escapees briefly, but they disappeared from the system shortly after leaving the island. Citizens are warned to avoid contact with these people and report any contact immediately to the authorities.
An insider at the prison speculated that the escape plan may have involved a plan where one or more villains allowed themselves to be captured and then took advantage of a series of weaknesses in the system. The biggest weakness was that the system was designed to hold individual supers and nullify each individual's powers, but working in concert the villains were able to gain control of key systems in the prison.
The Senate committee on super powers has begun an investigation and the BoP has said it will cooperate with the investigation. The attorney general said in a brief statement released by the DoJ that containing super powered individuals was unknown territory, and that it was impossible to plan for every eventuality with a group of beings who defy scientific limitations. However he praised the prison for containing the damage and mayhem as much as it did noting that no prison personnel, or other prisoners were killed in the escape.


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