Friday, February 09, 2007

Sentinel Memorial Proposed

Franklin native John Hammond, a.k.a. "the Sentinel" a two fisted hero who fought in World War II and later fought crime in the United States will receive a stature in Freedom Circle outside the city hall.
Historians are re-examining the "mythic abilities" of Hammond. Given the presence of supers in today's world, the question of his actual abilities has resurfaced. During the war, legends of the Sentinel's great strength, stamina, and resilience were numerous, but believed to be either propaganda meant to instill fear in the superstitious German soldiers, and confidence in the US GIs, or simple exaggerations.During and after the war. First Comics published a series based loosely on his exploits called "The Sensational Sentinel." In the comic books Hammond was bullet proof, able to lift a tank, and run as fast a jeep (not unlike James Allen, Marduk of the Immortals). New evidence suggests that the Sentinel might have been a true, and perhaps the world's first Super Hero.
Hammond died in mysterious circumstance in 1967 during the Great Gas Fire (caused by numerous gas leaks along the cities aging gas distribution system.) Long time friend of Hammond Dr. Rupert Forrestor refused to take part in the study and denies any knowledge of special powers. "It was all stories, nothing more." Was all he said when confronted by reporters this may.
Still controversial is the representation of Hammond in the "Sentinel" costume made famous in the war-time comic book, written and drawn by Lee Stanley. Stanley was happy to contribute the original art for the sculptors to work from. "Hammond was the inspiration for the Sentinel comic book I wrote. Maybe he really did have all those powers, maybe he didn't. But, Hammond was a hero, and will serve as an inspiration to us all."
Historian Becky Burnett reported finding recently declassified British documents claiming contact with (American) agents of extreme abilities, strength, speed, and uncanny powers. Perhaps, these documents refer to the Sentinel.


At 3:17 PM, Blogger Nhoj said...

Ah! now THIS is something Mystery Man will look into! He needs help with the internet since it is not the first thing he thinks of to do research.

He will check on the current stories and try to get a copy of the newly released British files. He will want to try a Freedom of Information Act request on files on this topic. If he sees any other names besides Sentinal he will include them. He will initiate a FoIA request on the U.S.S. Eldredge.


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