Monday, April 23, 2007

Massive Sinkhole destroys Farmville Pig Farm

The Romita Pig Farm just outside Farmville was engulfed in an enormous implosion of swine waste and earth. Investigators say it would take years to sift through the damage to discover its causes. A spokesperson for the farm indicated that the far may have been built over a natural gas reserve which would explain the explosion and ensuing implosion that was reported at the site. Clean up crews are assessing the damage and risk to the water table, but believe at present the damage was limited to the farmsite itself, and having destroyed and absorbed the waste treatment pond, may actually improve the water quality in the area.

Avatars appear in Bangaloere

A team of Hindu inspired super heroes calling themselves the Avatars appeared to end a hostage situation at the headquarters of America Online's Technology Support in Bangalore this morning. The Avatars were able to deal with the hostage takers, a Kasmiri separatist group, quickly with no loss of life. The Indian Prime Minister praised the group and invited them to a formal dinner. They have declined citing a desire to remain above and apart from politics.

Tusk rampages through Raleigh, escapes.

The Elephantine Super Villain known as Tusk was sighted in the Capital City of Raleigh yesterday in daring bank and armored car robbery. He arrived at the scene of a money transfer destroyed the armored car, and front of the First Federal Bank building downtown, then proceeded to become a one man stampede through the center of the city and onto Hwy 1. A total of 24 cars and trucks were destroyed by his initial rampage and dozens of others were damaged in the resulting traffic accidents. Tusk escaped with $90,000 into the woods of northern North Carolina. A search was hampered by the traffic situation.

Super Challenge

Rumors are flying about a match up between the world's premier super hero teams: the federally sponsored US Patriots, and Freedom City's own the Immortals.

Sources in the government said a friendly challenge was issued and the teams will duke it out in the Nevada desert at the site of the closed Seismic Converter. The government is keeping close tabs on the event and is not allowing the much pre-press, and no independent news will be allowed into the facility, for their own protection. However the press-corps will be on-site at the observation decks to view anything on the outside. Also, footage from inside security cameras will be fed live to the networks.