Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Senator and Celebs speak on Supers

Beleaguered Senator Rick santorum and actor Bruce Willis spoke about the need for federal laws in response to the appearance of Super Villains. They urged the government to classify all criminals using super powers as unlawful combatants, or terrorists.
These super villains are like smart bombs. Their powers are weapons of mass destruction, and their will to use them should classify them as terrorists or rogue states. They have taken themselves out of the normal realm of human law and order. We mustn't let this inhuman threat go unchallenged. - Santorum
Willis, who has long been a supporter of armor and heavy weapons for the police, was present at the Planet Hollywood warned that super villains took their queues from the fictional fantasy stories of Hollywood and the comic books. He stressed that we can't count on Super Heroes to save us like they do in the comic books and movies.
The real heroes we can count on, are the policemen and women, and the military. We need to give them the tools to deal with these threats like any others. - Willis
Santorum sent out a preliminary copy of a Senate Bill to classify anyone who used super powers in a crime as a terrorist.

Sign Wave summons the Herald

Eyewitnesses at the Sign Wave's Pow Wow outside the gates of Site One claim a vision of the Herald appeared to the people after a four hour chant by the Sign Wavers. Spokespersons for the Sign Wavers claim that the Herald urged them to commit acts of civil disobedience, refuse to use power generated by the Nuclear Power Plant, refuse to consume the products of agri-business, and interfere with business as usual in the banking, insurance, and energy sectors.
Government officials would not discuss the containment of the Herald other than to say that he was still in confinement.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Virtual Hero?

A number of reports have come in recently about victim's of identity theft, phishing and other cyber-crimes having their identities restored, false data expunged, and other solutions to these very modern problems. Someone out there on the Internets is rescuing these people from the villains of the information age.
A number of data sites, in particular TRW, have indicated they've pulled down websites hacked with the e-graffiti - "HALO". So far, there is no evidence, other than the person or person's remarkable success at doing something the companies themselves cannot or will not, that anything paranormal is occurring.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

French Super Le Fleche stops terror attack!

A group of terrorists, part of La Vrais France, a right wing anti-immigrant group, were in the process of holding hostage a group of refugees from Africa in the port city of Marseilles. They had captured the freighter that held the refugees pending
health inspection, and were planting bombs on board with every intention to detonate them in the harbor as a sign to other would be refugees.
There plan was foiled by La Fleche, a super-powered archer, who injured several of the terrorists, scared off the rest, and deactivated the bomb before it could go off. Her used her trademark bow, and high tech arrows to thwart the terrorist attack. It is said that La Fleche possesses uncanny accuracy, and amazing senses, so rarely if ever misses a shot.

Gangland Violence

More gangland violence was reported this week in Franklin's Lincoln District. This time, a gang was attacking in the middle of receiving a shipment of heroin fresh into town to be divided into 'individual-prepackaged' sizes. Sources say a group of Supers entered the warehouse, demanded the heroin, and proceeded to trash the place and the gang inside. No one was killed but an unspecified quantity of heroin was removed from the warehouse. It is unknown whether this was a the work of a group of anonymous street level superheroes destroying the drug, or some super gang members stealing for themselves.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Tarot Killer - Massacre

Police following engaged in an anti-ganag unit in Chinatown found a small massacre of gang members at a warehouse known to be used by the Demon Gang. The local mob boss and several lieutenants were among the dead, said the Police Department.
At the scene was found a small number of Tarot Cards placed on the bodies of the boss and lieutenants.
Police refused to speculate whether this was the work of a rival gang, or a serial killer, or vigilante.

Fort Knox Repels Super Villain Team

A group of five Super Villains operating with careful teamwork attacked the US Gold Bullion Reserves at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The villains, three men and two women, appeared on deep in the grounds and set off the security alarms. They were unable to penetrate the main vaults before the building went into lock down. After several minutes of concentrated fire on the villains by theUS Army, the team withdrew. Several soldiers and guards were injured but none were killed.
The team members demonstrated the following powers:
  • A man covered in metal shards, bullet proof, and able to fling these sharp shards at a distance.
  • A large woman, seven feet tall, approximately 350lbs, exhibited near invulnerability, and incredible strength. She smashed an armored personnel carrier with her bare hands, and slapping them together caused soldiers a hundred feet away to be knocked down from the shock wave.
  • A man capable of holding a high charge of electricity on his body and sicharging it at range. Soldiers reporting him disappearing in one place and appearing in another.
  • A woman able to generate and controls winds, created and moving about in a small but powerful tornado.
  • A man with no obvious physical powers. Soldiers indicate he had the ability to read and control their minds, and create hallucinations in people at range.
These five people have been put on the FBI's most wanted list. The President praised the US Army for protecting the important resource from these Super Villains. There was no evidence that the Army was assisted by Super Heroes, but that has not been ruled out.

Scientific Solutions - S-Challenge

Modeled on the X-Prize, a privately funded competition to encourage private development of space flight, Scientific Solutions, funded by Billionaire David Wynn, is funding a series of challenges to existing Supers, and developers, to deal with Super Powers.
Challenge 1. Power Proof Vault.
Design and build a vault at leat 3x3x3 meters in size that can withstand the attempts of any Super powered being to gain entry. The prize $2 Million. Super powered volunteers can attempt to gain entry to the vault, and if successful, Scientific Solutions will donate $500,000 to the charity of your choice.
The S-Challenges allows the developers to retain patents but gives Scientific Solutions the right to match any offers to buy the patent, or the company, and gives that matching offer priority.

Super Patriot Program

A document leaked from internal memos in the Justice Department and Homeland Security indicate the US Government is in the process of creating a team of Super Heroes to deal with Super Powered Threats to the US. Dubed the Super Patriot Program, the project includes recruiting existing Supers, developing High Tech Super battle gear, and even genetic and biological research to create its own Super Hero teams.
It is hardly a surprise that the government would desire to get in on the Super Powered phenomenon, but since this is taking place in the nebulous world of Blackmarked secret funding, there is no one accountable for how these Supers are created or used.

Federal Super Prison Planned at Blackstone Island

The Blackstone Naval Weapons Depot, in active for three years will re-open as a Super Prison for Super Villains in four to six months, the Federal Government annouces. The Justice Department, noting the growth of Paranormal and Event related crime has agreed to convert the Depot into a super high security prison. Some people complain about the proximity of Blackstone Island to Franklin City makes it a danger to the metropolis, when some Super Villain inevitably escapes, or when super villains are transported from other parts of the country to Blackstone.
Government sources indicate that its proximity to Franklin City was one of the selling points:
"Blackstone was designed to contain high-explosive, nucelar, biological and chemical weapons. This means it has thick armored walls, internal security systems, self-contained power and life support. It is inaccessible by roads, only accessible by air, ship and rail bridge, and was designed as a potential terrorist or military target. The facility has hard points for anti-aircraft weapons, and built in radar and sonar systems. With relatively minor modifications the facility will be ready to hold prisoners in the sort of comfort enjoyed by other prisoners of our federal prison system, while maintaining the security we needs. As to posing a threat to the local population, the vast majority of super crime has occured in the vicinity of Franklin City, and is likely to continue, so proximity to the city means shorter safer transports. Also, being close to Franklin City means Super Heroes such as the recognized Super Hero Team the Immortals can be called in, in the event the facility proves inadequate. "
The government made reference to bills moving through both houses of congress in advance of the election to grant special powers to law enforcement in order to deal with the menace of Super Villains. Primary of which will be the in-prison trial of captured super villains. The Navy, who currently runs the depot will cede control to the Justice Department this week. The Justice Department has not yet worked out the role of human rights groups and defense attorneys at Blackstone.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sine Wave planning massive pow wow.

The Event spawned cult known as the Sine Wave, associated with the super being known as the Avatar, has summoned people from around the world to Franklin City to meet outside the gates of the safety zone surrounding Impact Site One. It is unknown how many Sine Wave members still exist after the incarceration of The Avatar, but they gotten permits for over 100,000 people. A press release from Cromwell Industries has noted that there are no plans for stepped up security.

Super Mandrill Causes Blackout

The citywide blackout during Oktoberfest was linked to the villainous Super Mandrill as part of his relentless assault on Freedom City. City officials indicated they were still trying to determine the Super Mandrill's ultimate goal in the attack. Numerous celebrities at the Planet Hollywood grand opening claimed the Super Mandrill wasn't given a chance to make any demands before the Immortals burst in and stopped short his plans. Actor, Tim Robbins claimed that some of violence may have been unnecessary, but actress Patricia Heaton (of Everyone Loves Raymond) commended the Heroes for their quick and decisive actions.
Several dozen people were injured in the rioting that occured during the blackout.