Saturday, September 23, 2006

Vampires in Freedom City?

The Franklin City blood bank was robbed of 50 pints of blood (assorted blood-types) this weekend. The night watchman was rendered unconscious, but claims to have seen a woman garbed in a 'living' cloak of scarlet, before she knocked him unconscious.
I suppose feeding out of the burgled blood bank is preferrable to the alternative, but vampirism of any kind gives me the willies.

Cromwell Industries Hires Super

Cromwell Industries indicated it had hired a super powered person by the code-name of "Strobelight" in the position of "specialist." What she is a specialist of, is not certain. Nor has there been any previous sightings of this Strobelight.
Still, the hiring of a Super brings up certain questions.
Can the loyalty and good will of a super powered being be bought and sold?
Will we face mercenary Supers as well as Super Heroes and Villains?
It is this reporter's opinion that, more than likely, there are supers of as many mindsets, good or evil, selfish or selfless, as there are in the realm of mundane people such as us.

Anti-Gravity Device Tested Successfully

Jovian Products made another remarkable display of EVA based technology. They demonstrated what appeared to be an anti-gravity device. The device, which looked a little like a waffle iron turned inside out, but the size of a small car, hummed and vibrated a little before levitating to a height of about 6 feet or roughly as high as the ceiling and power cords would let it.
It was able to hover for over a minute before the engineers let it slowly descend.
There was an interesting side effect. A bit of dust and a loose bolt also levitated in the air near the device. A few minutes into the demonstration the bolt drifted away from the device and fell to the floor suddenly.
There were numerous questions as to why this device was not introduced at the presentation last week, but a spokesperson indicated that Jovian had several development teams working independently, and this device had not yet been tested.
The plans for a self powered, self righting version of the device have already been in the works. Jovian products plans to have low level AGDs available for its corporate and military clients pending FAA approval.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Immortals Battle Flying Man-O-War

The Immortals: Marduk, Jack Flash, Torrent and Steel Dragon were reported to have faught a huge flying jelly fish that was in the process of attacking the Fairweather Labs in Port Royal. The team was able to rescue several sailors who were stung by the creature and eventually dispatch it with great flair. There is no explanation for the appearance of the creature, but Fairweather is known to work with Event related hybrids and mutants.

Ghost Ship Sightings

A large cargo container ship that disappeared during the Event and been seen sporatically over the last few months has been sighted again by clam diggers on the Inland Waterway. The ship was seen traveling north in the waterway reserved for small craft when the clam diggers reported it to the coast guard. When a coast guard skiff arrived, there was, of course, no sign of the ship.

Hyper Cat Patrols the Heights

In Bayview Heights where rats once vied for territory with the local gangs has a new super hero, a calico cat dubbed "Hyper" by the locals has taken control. The streets are nearly rat free, and even the cockroaches are beginning to look nervous. Hyper, a simple alley cat, appears able to leap from building tops on one side of a street to those on another, and cover a long city block in a blink of the eye.
With the edition of Hyper, the number of Super Animals is reaching a menagerie levels. No one has seen what the super litter box looks like yet, and I for one hope we never do.

Dakasoni Bankruptcy

Dakasoni Corporation, the golden child of the PacRim technology show last june, has declared bankruptcy. Troubles with their exporter resulted in over ten failed deliveries of unique robotic and high technology. The company was unable to cover the replacement costs of the material and sold off its patents to repay buyers.
The purchasers were scattered about the country, and Dakasoni held the bills of trade with accurate delivery addresses, however in all the cases the deliveries were lost, and no record of receipt was retained.
Several law firms were retained, but when it was discovered four separate delivery companies, it was deemed a lost cause. Technology companies in Japan and the US have snatched up the engineers.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

$20 Million "Lost" from First Freedom Bank

Auditors for the FDIC indicate that First Freedom Bank cannot account for over $20 Million in various corporate accounts. The monies, primary kept in special Escrow accounts used to cash buy-outs for corporate mergers is missing. Bankers are investigating whether the funds were embezzeled, stolen, or simple lost due to inaccurate accounting procedures (rounding off fractions in massive interest calculations). Security representatives for that bank say that there have been no robberies or hacking of their systems, but cannot explain the losses.

Fairweather Labs Broken Into

US Oceanographic's Fairweather Laboratories in Port Regal was vandalized yesterday. Authorities do not know the motives of persons who broke into the labs and spread wet sea weed and other watery detritus. Nothing was stolen, but several marine experiments were ruined. A spokesperson for the labs says that the damage did not effect the lab's Impact Site 2 research.