Friday, December 08, 2006

Blackstone Isle to open this week

The Justice Department Bureau of Prisons has released that Blackstone Isle will open earlier than originally planned to house its first "clients." Although there was no name released to the press, it was leaked that the first prisoner at Blackstone Isle will be Harold Feinz, a.k.a. "The Herald." This reporter was able to discover that the Herald was being housed at the Marine Weapons Testing range in Dare County, but had been causing problems with the personnel. As a result they've built him a special isolation unit on Blackstone Isle.
Because Feinz attacked a Nuclear Power Plant, which is part of a specially protected group of facilities, he can be held as an enemy combatant without trial or legal defenses.

Sandia Labs announces Seismic Power Plant

Dr. Victor Marsden, a noted scientist with Sandia Labs and UC Berkeley has announced a project to create a power plant using deep crust drilling and EVA metallurgy to convert the naturally occurring seismic activity in an area into energy. The result will be a nearly cost free source of energy (once initial costs are met) and reduce the effects of uncontrolled seismic energies. This could be a boon to areas such as Japan, California, Peru where earthquakes wreak havoc on the people there.
The first full scale experiment will take place in deserts northwest of Las Vegas for early next year.

"Rat King" rumored to be haunting the sewers

Rumors from the South side of a Rat King have begun to filter up from the homeless and people of the street. The stories of hundreds of rats running in hordes attacking the homeless and careless night travelers. A number of reports indicate that the Rat King's rodent minions have been challenged by the feline super "Hyper Cat."
Only in Freedom City.

Germany plagued by super villain

A supervillain called Angst has been sighted numerous times across Germany from Bonn to Berlin. Angst is believed responsible for the deaths of several corporate executives across the republic. He possessed some kind of fear-based powers which have worked to cause, indirectly, each victim to die, either in flight, or though suicide. INTERPOL has indicated that they've contacted an unnamed superhuman who is pursuing the villain.

Names of the PATRIOTS leaked to press

Sources inside the Justice Department released a list of names, or code-names, believed to be the superhumans recruited into the government sponsored team called The PATRIOTS. The code names are as follows:
  • Minute Man
  • Lady Liberty
  • American Dreamer
  • Tank
  • Super Patriot
There was no clue about the powers or abilities of these supers, or their real names.
There was also a leaked that each Patriot would be a Federal Marshall with full federal police powers. The government still refuses to discuss any super team.

USS North Carolina Lost with All Hands Aboard

The Virginia Class submarine was returning from its shake down cruise and stopped to assist the Event Rift Research Platform which had been without contact for several days, when it encountered trouble. A Navy spokesperson said the sub reported encountering a superhuman traveling at over 100 knots that passed the sub, the sub followed the superhuman into the rift and disappeared shortly thereafter. An emergency buoy was floated with the North Carolina's last known whereabouts and the Navy sent a rescue mission using the superhero team the Immortals. Sadly, they failed to find the submarine as well. The Navy has said it will try other means to locate the vessel, but stressed that the rift was thousands of meters deep, and even if they found the sub, it was unlikely the crew could have survived.